Startup #69 – Holiday Surprise

firework.jpgIn honor of tomorrow’s holiday here in the States, today’s idea is all about the difficult dilema many of us face when a semi-obscure holiday rolls around.  Let’s take Sweetest Day as an example.  John and Sally Hallmark would have me drop a couple bills on some cheesy card and a creepy little stuffed animal.  But, of course, it’s not about the gifts – it’s the thought that counts.

Today’s idea is a solution to that problem.  You want to do something nice for your sweetie, but don’t want to give in to the conformist pressure of the greeting card moguls.  Instead of giving in, why not surprise your sweetie with an IOU for a fun little surprise sometime within the next six weeks.  The Holiday Surprise site allows you to choose a gift package and print out a nice certificate to give on the holiday.  The HS site would randomly choose a day in the future to deliver the gifts.  This could be something like a dozen roses delivered to the recipient’s workplace and a card that would be timed to arrive on the chosen day.


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