Read This Now

I stumbled upon this blog as a result of a comment posted here by the author, Mr. Colin Dowling.  It is ridiculously awesome – stop wasting your time with my amateurish attempts to talk tech and go learn from a real entrepreneur over at Techstbooks.

Then come back here when you’re done.


3 responses to “Read This Now

  1. Thanks for the post.

    Techstbooks is focused on my long ongoing journey from ignorance to success in a field where I started with absolutely no knowledge. I try and examine many of the lessons and pitfalls I’ve encountered along the way. Hopefully, other folks can learn from some of my mistakes just as I have.


  2. WOW, you two are both TechquilaShot readers, and I once stumbled upon your blogs there, and since then being stick to yours.

    I’ve been checking updates of your blogs everyday! Good job!

  3. Thanks, Timothy, I’ve been an avid reader of yours as well – great to see you’re posting ideas again! 🙂

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