Pownce Invites

Need one?  Post in the comments below.  First come, first serve.


4 responses to “Pownce Invites

  1. What ARE Pownce Invites?? I’m a bit new to blogs and such… : )

    Thank you,


  2. Ha, sorry, I was running out the door and didn’t have time to fully explain. Pownce is a new service that basically combines an IM-like client with micro-blogging capabilities (like Twitter, if you’re familiar with that). It’s pretty slick. Plus, it’s run by my favorite tech entrepreneur, Kevin Rose of digg.com fame. These guys just nail the execution of their ideas, it’s pretty impressive. Check it out at pownce.com.

  3. kind send em an invite.im interensted in most of your ideas and hopping to purse or satrt on one of them.

  4. Just sent the invite, kattszd. Good to hear you’re interested in starting up one of these idea, that’s what they’re here for! Mostly stuff that I would like to have for myself but just don’t have the time/brainpower to make it happen. 🙂

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