Introducing Precog Ideas

No joke, coming up with a new idea each day is pretty dang hard on my poor little excuse for a brain, so I try out various brainstorming tactics to get the creative juices flowing.  My latest approach is to look at various industry trends, make a prediction about a direction I think a company is going to take, and then come up with a startup that could be built based on that company’s new offering.

A quick example would be if I had posted back in February that I thought Twitter was going to open up their API, and the idea would be a mashup between Twitter posts and Google maps.  The trick is, someone could fully build out the application with a dummy database filling in for the API, and the second the API is release, all you’d have to do is connect to the API and presto!  You’d be first to market, and could ride the coattails of the big press release to get some great early adopter bandwagon momentum.

This was just a quick intro, first precog idea coming shortly…  🙂

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