Precog Idea #1 – Powncebook

pownce_logo.jpgBackground: Pownce is a Twitter-like microblogging/IM client created by Kevin Rose and the dream team design/dev combo of Daniel Burka and Leah Culver.  Facebook recently opened up their API to allow 3rd party apps to develop on their platform, which provides a unique distribution platform which leads to rapid viral growth for compelling apps.  Currently there is a read-only Facebook/Pownce app for displaying your messages, but it’s based on RSS feeds as there is not an open API for Pownce.

Prediction:  Within the next 2 months, Pownce will open its API and allow users to develop 3rd party apps.  This is based on the success Digg is having with its open API and to better compete with similar offerings like Twitter and Jaiku, both of which have open APIs. 

Likelihood (1 – 10): 9 (very likely)

Idea:  My idea is an advanced Facebook IM application that would allow users to chat and share links/files/events with each other through Facebook, using Pownce’s backend services.  The app would have the same basic functionality that the Pownce web client or desktop client currently has, but would be available for users directly through Facebook instead of having to use a separate client.

Red Flags

  • There’s a good chance the Pownce team could come out with their own Facebook app.   
  • The existing Pownce facebook app could add in these additional features and roll out to the current install base very quickly, reducing the “first to market” advantage. 
  • Many developers are working on Facebook apps which has made it much more difficult for new apps to be discovered and reach critical mass

2 responses to “Precog Idea #1 – Powncebook

  1. I think pownce is a solution looking for a problem, but your idea doesn’t suck entirely. The idea as presented is based on the desire to share more then just simple messages quickly. While this concept is definitely valuable, it relies on people wanting the convenience of sharing via fb as opposed to simply emailing the file. As such, I would think that the use would be very spur of the moment as opposed to going to a more robust service for sharing. So, I’m thinking that the audience would be for podcasts and media sharing as much as anything. Otherwise, its not hard to go to another site for sharing. Example: sharing cellphone photos from a vacation in near real time with folks who are stuck at work.

    Keep up the good ideas

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