Gotta Love Spam…

I was just checking my Spam filter and came across the following fake comment.  There was something very compelling about the story that is woven around the Spam links, so I thought I would repost…along with a little bit of commentary…

Hi Everybody!
It seems like I know alot of you already. That seems weird, but I have been lurking as you call it for a few weeks – now its an addiction LOL! Thanks, I’m glad you’re addicted to reading this blog, and not other things like, say, crack.   I wake up to check posts and before bed and some in between! viagra phentermine prescription buy levitra cialis
My name is Cheryl and I am 38 – almost 39 in a couple weeks (yuck!) and I live in Ontario, Canada about 2 hours north of the border.

It’s in the “boonies” as all my friends say and anyone that comes here! LOL. We have already had snow and probably more this week. It is a long winter, so more projects!! We have no cel phone service, one radio station – sometimes, and one TV station!  I could get satellite but then I’d spend more time watching TV and not get anything done.  Yeah, it’s really great that you’re spending your time on worthwhile pursuits – like commenting on obscure tech blogs and recommending Cialis sites.  I would like to get HGTV tho and the other decorating channels, but then you know what happens! debt consolidation debt consolidation loans debt consolidation loan credit card debt consolidation free debt consolidation
I’ve lived here for almost 5 years with my teenage daughter who is now 14 – 15 in Jan (another Yuck! 15!!!!)Where does the time go? The house was a hunting camp but it had insulation, septic and power, but it was very small under 500 sq ft. WE lived in one room till she was 11 in bunk beds till I carved a room out of the living room for her! Poor girl.  When she was 10 years old, her debt-consolidation-obsessed mom moved her away from her friends and into a tiny cabin in the Canadian wilderness.  No TV.  Or cell phone.  She is sleeping on a pull-out couch.  But look on the bright side – at least your mom doesn’t do drugs…  It’s in the middle of tons of big pine trees, so hence my username. Sorry, forgot to post her username: BadMomLovesPine113 anxiety disorder treatment anxiety disorder symptoms casino free purchase tramadol online purchase ultram order viagra online buy viagra online

I have started seeing someone in Feb who I knew years before. He stopped in where I worked and he was like, what are YOU doing up here! He had been up here for 3 years too and we’d never met. He just happens to be a carpenter and that’s oh so handy! Maybe he’s Jesus.  This summer we added an addition on and doubled the size of the house! It’s great and now my daughter has my old room, which she loves! He’s also great in supporting my “habit”and helps me load and goes on hunting trips too. Your habit?  BadMomLovePine113, I am shocked and deeply disappointed.  At least your daughter can shut her door and turn up the volume on the one radio station to drown out the sound of her mother’s new “habits”  He even has the good idea! viagra cheap cheapest viagra purchase viagra

I worked at the local garage doing bookeeping and I left in April to start my own things!  Ahh, a fellow entrepreneur! It’s crazy how busy I am and how I managed to do it all before working 40 hours. I am currently selling collectibles from my Dads and Grandpa’s estate on ebay. I’m sure they’d be proud.  I also go to the garage sales and flea markets, auctions and wherever to get tons of ‘JUNK’. Also I am restoring a building down at my moms to make into a store, hopefully open in the spring! It will be antiques, new stuff and things made from salvage – lots of the items I see on here would be great! They also give me great ideas for my stuff!! I have been inspired by your creations to look at things in new ways now, I just grabbed a patterned broken flower pot and “SAW” mosaics!  Crack – fueling innovation since 1963 meridia blackjackmountainoklahoma

I have many projects on the go, I have to decorate, paint and redo the new spaces in the house, figure out the kitchen layout now. I have some furniture I want to refinish and I am also cleaning out a barn of my Grandpa before nov 30! It is full of stuff and when I see old shutters, old windows, old posts, spindles, wrought iron, I think of you guys and what I can do with them. I have a notebook beside my computer that I write down all that I am interested in and the great ideas. Send them to me, you can be our next featured guest post!  I can picture it now “Startup #83 – An Old Shutter Hot-Glued To A Spindle” I also found out about you from googling mosaics and I’m so glad!  Let me get this straight.  You found my blog by going to Google and searching for mosaics.  Here’s a suggestion:  next time try Microsoft’s Live search, it’s really a compelling offering by a company that continues to amaze me with it’s ability to innovate.  I will keep you posted as I go! tramadol buy phentermine ultram

I want to say that I enjoy coming here and seeing everyones efforts, You all have made me laugh and made me cry. I cant get over slowmedown and her creativity and verve for life. Ah, yes, good old Slowmedown and her vervy, creative ways.  Makes me cry just thinking about it.  Haziemoons craft room transformation blew me away in its speed and idea. Loved the painted screens, always like to hear from Cait in Oz and am amazed at curbdivers attitude in adversity. All of your replies to bigfndl humbled me and made me realize that you are all a great bunch of people. Is there room for one more?  I think I speak on behalf of Haziemoons, Curbdiver, and Cait in Oz when I say, unequivically, no. anxiety disorders anxiety disorder causes buy xanax online xanax information

Sorry for the long post, I guess I’ve waited too long and its built up!! buy viagra online viagra order

Thanks for writing, Cheryl.  Hope to hear from you again soon.

2 responses to “Gotta Love Spam…

  1. So the funny question here is, did some spammer just borrow this? Was it in an email they received and they simply inserted the splinks? Or did they actually create it themselves? I could forgive the fact that they are spamming millions of innocent victims, but NEVER would I allow plagiarism to happen on my blogs!

  2. I am amazed and horrified by the ingenuity of the spammers… *headshake*

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