Startup #76 – Crush Or Creep

orangecrush Just flew into Orlando after a looooong day of cross-country flights and I gotta say something about my good ol’ U S of A.  I love you and everything, but come on – enough already with the thunderstorms. 

I get it.  You’re hot.  You need a good rain now and again to cool off and, like, turn stuff green.  But us poor travelers up in the air get jostled around like $2 peanuts in a can and get stuck in a “holding pattern” and get dangerously low on fuel which causes everyone to get all freaked out and jittery and panic-y and stuff.  So quit it.  Please?  But don’t get all pouty and start droughting on us either.  ‘Cause that sucks too.

Why am I yelling at weather?  Like I said.  Loooooong day.

Today’s idea is a little bit of a take off on the whole hot-or-not genre (which is doing amazingly well as of late, if you haven’t noticed).  It is a site where users can post a declaration of your romantic feelings for a potential crush.  Here’s how it would work.  A crusher would submit a brief description of how they know the crushee and why they l-o-o-o-o-v-e them, along with a letter to be sent to the crushee.  Other members would be able to read the back story and the actual letter, and vote on whether or not they feel like the letter should be sent or if it’s one of those things that’s better left unsaid. 

If the letter gets enough “crush” votes within a set period of time (say 3 days), the letter would be automatically sent off to the crushee.  If the letter didn’t get the votes, the letter would not be sent, and the crusher would be sent a gentle Email notification informing them of their unfortunate defeat at the hands of cupid’s poison-tipped, crowd-sourced arrow.

 Thanks for all the great feedback lately, I’d love to hear your thoughts (or better yet, stories of love letters gone horribly, horribly wrong!) about this idea in the comments below. 

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