Precog Idea #2 – Photosynthesizer

photosyth Background: Photosynth is a pretty amazing new technology that automatically stitches together photos of a location into a 3 dimensional model that a user can navigate through by clicking on various images.  If you’ve never seen it, go here now:  It’s easily one of the most impressive demos I’ve ever seen.

Prediction:  Within the next year, Photosynth will release an API to allow users to develop 3rd party apps.  This prediction is based on the release path that many of the applications have gone through, and Microsoft’s history of being a platform company.

Likelihood (1 – 10): 7 (fairly likely)

Idea:  My idea is a service to create photosynth’s for people who are looking to sell their home or rent their apartment.  Users would submit high-resolution photos of their residence which would be turned into a 3D recreation of their living space so others could get a detailed look at the house/apartment.  Once the synth is created, users would get a link to the model that they could post on existing sites like Craigslist or Redfin, and they would automatically be posted on our photosynth home/apartment site where buyers/renters could search for homes in their area.

Red Flags

  • Since it’s a new model, it would be very difficult to come up with a sample API to approximate the Photosynth API before it was released.
  • Existing sites like Redfin or Zillow could easily add this feature directly to their sites, which would be a better experience than clicking a link to a 3rd party site.

What’s a precog idea?  Check out this post for more details…

And here’s a demo video:


One response to “Precog Idea #2 – Photosynthesizer

  1. Cool….i am interest in it..
    you might interest in my site too

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