Startup #78 – Cross Stitch This

crossstitch Tonight I made it out to the Facebook Dev Seattle meetup.  Congrats to the FB team for putting together a great event.  You guys know I have mad love for the FB platform, and the team who presented tonight did a great job explaining what they’re all about and shelling out some “ninja tricks” on how to make your FB apps pop.  Pizza + beer + room full of geeks?  Love it.

Of course, I’ve gotta throw up a FB app idea for today.  Stick with me on this one.  It’s a site where users can virtually cross stitch an image and gift it to your friends and loved ones.  Users could choose a basic template (or upload their own) and click on a location to make a stitch.  Once you’ve filled in the template with stitches, you can share your creation with one of your Facebook contacts.

At this point you may be thinking to yourself: “Wow.  That is quite possibly the worst idea I’ve ever heard.”  And you may be right, but here’s a little rational behind this idea.

1)  Cross stitching is in, just like knitting and weaving.  Crafts are hot, why not take advantage of this fad?

2)  When you give this to your friend or loved one, you are basically saying to them “I like you so much that I invested X amount of time to make this for you”  It’s using time as a proxy for currency, just like a guy who sends virtual flowers on Hot or Not is saying “I like you so much that I invested 10 dollars to send this to you”.

3)  The idea is so incredibly stupid that you would be the first (and likely only) player in this market.  The barrier to entry on FB is very low, you could probably create this in a week or two.  So if it bombs, no worries.  And if it catches on, you’ll have an app that stands out in what is quickly becoming a very crowded space.

Only on Flickr can you find a picture that is as perfect as this one.  Shout out to the Mac fanboys/girls out there.  Anywho, sorry for the lack of ideas lately.  What can I say?  It’s summer, gotta take advantage of the beautiful Seattle weather while I can.

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