Startup #86 – Predict Me Elmo

pleo.jpgPicture this.  It’s Thanksgiving Day, 2007.  You’re sick of watching the Lions getting merciless beatdown yet again, so you flip to CNN and catch a story about a Sunday school teacher who gave a Million Dollar Drop to a short-order cook in order to get her hands on the last “Let’s Dance” Barbie.  You jump over to eBay and realize that the current bid on a “Bratz Forever Diamondz” Cloe doll is up to $280 with 5 hours still remaining (retail price: $29.95).  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to predict the must-have toys for the ’07 holiday season?

Today’s idea is a site centered around the idea of predicting (and consequently selling) the must-have toy of the upcoming holiday season.  First, users would join the site during the “off-season”, which would be approximately May – Oct.  Users would submit items that they feel are going to be holiday hits, and other users would vote to determine the top picks.   

As the holiday season starts to get closer, users could take advantage of the list to go out and pre-order the items they feel are going to be top picks for the holiday season.  When the holiday season rolls around, users could put their items up for sale on eBay, and post a link to their eBay auction on the “Predict Me Elmo” site.   Parents who don’t mind spending a little extra cash for the convenience of getting a hard-to-find gift could then visit the PME site, search for the hot toys (or view the top-selling toys), and access a list of the eBay auctions where they could place bids on the must-have toys.

The site could generate income by charging a monthly/yearly fee for sellers who are looking to post items on the site, along with contextual ads placed next to the auction items.

Speaking of cashing in on must-have toys, note the pic of the Pleo – if it weren’t so pricey ($349) I’d be getting on the pre-order list for that bad boy today…  🙂


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