Startup #87 – College Collage

starwarscollageAhh, the first day of school.  My condolences. 

Extra condolences to students at my alma matterTry to forget about Saturday, the team will get back on track…I hope… 

Today’s idea is pretty simple – a brain-dead simple collage making site.  The collage would be a combination of user-uploaded pictures, words/quotes, and images pulled from flickr (based on keywords entered by the user).  Users could drag and drop the images and words to create a collage of a killer party, a semi-creepy ode to a crush, an homage to your fellow dorm-mates, etc…

There are a few killer features that would help drive adoption.  First, the would be the obligatory “post to facebook/bebo/myspace/orkut…” functionality.  Also, it would be cool to have reverse functionality: users could enter in a Facebook username and the site would pull images and keywords from the user’s profile to auto-create a collage.  The basic functionality would be free, but users could purchase items custom-printed with the collage, such as stickers, posters, screen savers, beer coozies, wrapping paper, socks, and toilet paper. 


2 responses to “Startup #87 – College Collage

  1. That is a RIDICULOUSLY good idea. One of your best yet.

    There are a zillion slideshow sites fighting for marketshare. But I don’t see anyone fighting for a “single page” type of thing like this. You could even have a “Make me a collage!” button that randomly moved the pictures around, cropped them, etc. You could give the app info like “September 22, My house, Poker and beer” and it could pull pre-made comments and icons and stuff to make it more then just a set of pictures.


  2. Thanks, man! Actually, feeding off the popularity of slideshow apps was the exact thinking behind this idea. I used RockYou this weekend to do a wedding slideshow, and had a great experience with it. Then Scoble posted about RockYou having 150 MILLION views/day. It rides the momentum of a hot market but sidesteps a bit of the oversaturation.

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