Startup #90 – Facebook + MySpace = FaceSpace

facespaceOK, looks like I might have to find another URL.  Anyway, in case you’ve been living under a rock lately, you may have heard the news about OpenSocial, the cross-network initiative that will provide API access to sites like MySpace, Hi5, Orkut, Ning, and about 20 other networks that you’ve probably heard of but will never sign up for.  Some pundits are declaring this a fatal blow against Facebook, but here’s an idea that may prove otherwise.

My idea is a Facebook app that acts as a bridge between your Facebook and MySpace contacts.  Here’s how it works.  After installing the app, users would authenticate with their MySpace credentials.  The system would use the OpenSocial APIs to pull in a list of their MySpace friends, and do a quick search for these friends to see if they are already in Facebook.  For those who are in Facebook, users have the option to add them as friends.  For those who are not on Facebook, the app would create a box on the user’s profile displaying the names and pics of the user’s MySpace friends. 

And here’s where things get interesting.  From the profile, users can choose a MySpace friend and perform basic actions like send a message or share a photo.  The message would be sent to the MySpace user’s inbox, and the MySpace user could respond via a message that would be sent back to the Facebook inbox.

Any devs out there gotten a chance to play with OpenSocial yet?  How’s it stacking up?


One response to “Startup #90 – Facebook + MySpace = FaceSpace

  1. Hey, good to see your back online! I hope we can look forward to some more interesting ideas!

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