Startup #93 – Social Wish List


OK, before I get to today’s idea, I just have to give a little credit where credit is due.  I just got a chance to play with, the new You-Tube-For-Network-TV site.  Despite all the negative press around this, I have to say, it is ridiculously awesome.  The interface is intuitive and fun to use without being gimmicky, and the best part is that all of the shows started full-screen streaming within several seconds of being clicked.  The ads are non-intrusive, skipping around the video was easy.  All in all, it’s still early but I can easily see this thing being huge. Like, get rid of your monthly cable bill huge.  Anyway, on to the idea.

Today’s idea is pretty basic.  It’s a Facebook app where you can import your Amazon wish list and give gift suggestions to specific friends and family.  For instance, I could drag a picture of my mom onto my wish list item of Guitar Hero 3, a picture of my dad onto the new 80 GB Zune (coming tomorrow!).  For the rest of my friends or family, I could just share out the entire list and they’d be able to secretly mark items off the list once they are purchases (similar to a wedding registry, so you don’t end up with duplicate gifts).

I’m in second place with just one day left – please check out my idea over at Cambrian House and cast a vote to help me win:  Thanks!

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3 responses to “Startup #93 – Social Wish List

  1. Hey Kevin! Did you ever receive my mail? 🙂

  2. Sorry man, didn’t get it. Can you resend? kleneway AT htmail. I junk filter everything new and usually can pick out the non-spam manually, but sometimes things fall through the cracks…

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