Startup #96 – Text the Best

alarmAnyone read “The Four Hour Workweek”?  There’s a nice little productivity tip in there around stopping all daily news consumption.  No blogs, newspapers, or the evening news.  I tried it for a while and I have to admit, it’s very refreshing.  The only problem was that I had a nagging feeling that there might be something huge happening that I was missing out on.  Hence, today’s idea. 

My idea is a service that sends you a text message every time there is a *major* news story around a particular genre of interest.  Think high-level categories, like tech, politics, entertainment, world news, etc..  Instead of some annoying service that sends you text messages every time Kevin Rose sneezes, this service would only send out alerts if a news story hits a certain threshold (say, over 10,000 diggs or over 25 links on techmeme).

The best part?  It’s not a Facebook app!  Yes, the curse is broken!!!  🙂

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