Startup #97 – The Contrarian Blog


Want to write a killer blog post?  Just fill in the blanks of the following sentences:

Open Letter to <CEO of major company>: Your Product Sucks

Should <major company> Kill The <latest product>?

<some words> Facebook <more words>

Baiting users of a particular technology by saying something negative is a great way to generate traffic.  And in the Web 2.0 world, traffic = cash.  So why wouldn’t a blogger go to extremes to generate a little extra exposure? 

Today’s idea is a response to this phenomenon – a blog that would respond to the most popular and one-sided posts of the day with a level-headed contrarian response.  The blog could be written by several people and could address all types of blog content, such as politics, tech, celebrities, gadgets, gaming, etc..  The beauty of this blog would be the ability to piggyback off the traffic from the most popular blogs, which should result in pretty good traffic for the contrarian blog.

One response to “Startup #97 – The Contrarian Blog

  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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