Startup #105 – Guitar Hero for Your Music


This year’s Christmas haul was epic.  I got both Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3, and I am loving it.  And I have to say, if anyone ever needed proof that I was uncool, here it is: my instrument of choice in Rock Band is the bass.  Yeah, even in rock fantasy land I still choose to be the skinny kid in the back of the band.  🙂

Anywho, today’s idea is PC-based Guitar Hero clone where users can create Guitar Hero tracks for songs in their own music library.  Here’s how it would work.  First, the game would search your PC for all available music tracks.  Then, the game would scan an online database to see which songs have GH-style tracks created and download the matching tabs.  Finally, users could plug their GH-compatible guitars into the USB port in the PC and start rocking out. 

The fun part of this idea is that If there was a specific song in your library that you wanted to play with GH that didn’t have any tabs, the system would allow you to create your own tracks using a simple WYSIWYG editor.  Once you’ve created a track, you could upload the GH file to a centralized database and share with any other users.  Of course, users only download the tabs (not the actual music files) which would get around any pesky DMCA issues.

Question of the day:  If your house was on fire and you could choose to save only one thing, would it be Guitar Hero 3 or Rock Band?


3 responses to “Startup #105 – Guitar Hero for Your Music

  1. Thanks, man. Are you currently in Thailand by any chance? I had a chance to visit there last March, it’s definitely a beautiful country…

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