Startup #108 – Cell Phone Camera Receipt Storage Thingy

taxesYep, it’s official.  Worst startup name ever.  On the plus side, at least isn’t taken.  Or is it?

Today’s idea is based on a positively-reviewed little start-up called qipit.  They have some neat technology that basically cleans up cell phone camera pics of whiteboards and converts the image to a very readable .pdf format.  My idea is along the same lines, but focused instead on the cleanup, storage, and organization of receipts. 

Think about it.  How archaic is it to have to save hundreds of little scraps of paper throughout the year, and when tax season rolls around, you have to spend hours digging through the piles of paper to calculate your tax write-offs?  Or for every business traveler in the world to have to shove little scraps of paper into their wallets or purses to submit for expense reports?  With this system, you could simply snap a quick photo of the receipt, text it to a short code along with a category (“tax dinner”,”business taxi”), and the service would clean up the receipts and store them up in the inter-clouds.

There are two keys to this idea.  One, it may be a bit too early to implement this idea based on the average quality of cell phone cameras – but give it another 12 months and I’ll bet this might actually be feasible.  And two…I forget what the second point is…but did any of you guys catch the Season 7 premiere of American Idol?  Whoo boy, now that’s what I call entertainment.  Except for the part where the judges laughed at the guy who sang “Old Man River”, that was kinda sad.  Hilarious – but kinda sad.


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