Startup #109 – Facelinks

OK, I usually don’t talk about work stuff here, but I was in a meeting with someone from the Windows Server team the other day who showed us a great video they made to promote the new Windows Server 2008.  I personally think it’s hilarious – I’ll let you be the judge. 

Aight, on to the good stuff.  Today’s idea is a Facebook application (shocker!) that scans your profile and creates affiliate links to any books, movies, or music that you mention on your profile.  Of course, every time one of your friends buys an item featured on your profile, you would get a percentage of the sale.  And that’s pretty much it.

I’m fairly certain this violates at least 2 of Facebook’s developer terms of service.  But it’s an interesting idea nonetheless.


One response to “Startup #109 – Facelinks

  1. It only violates their TOS because they haven’t thought of it/implemented it yet. : )

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