Startup #111 – 99 Bottles of Beer


College.  Now those were the days.  I can remember it like it was yesterday.  Napster was legal, the graphics in N64’s Goldeneye were unbelievably realistic, and interior design was more likely to have been influenced by Anheuser Busch than Martha Stewart.  As a freshman, I still remember walking into an upperclassman’s apartment and marveling at two of the most impressive things my youthful eyes had ever seen. 

In the corner, they had not one, not two, but FOUR TVs stacked on top of each other, which were constantly running any imaginable sporting event that was being broadcast across the 64 basic cable channels at one time.  And framing the far side of the room was a trophy-like shelf that displayed row after row of the empty beer bottles.  

Of course these weren’t just your average Rolling Rock’s or Labatt Blue’s, they were unique little glass statues of all shapes and sizes, beers that I’d never even heard of, with glorious labels from far-off lands, all painstakingly ordered by scarcity, size, and hop-worthiness.  Each time someone would come home with a new beer, they would all pass it around and debate the worthiness of the beer, and if the stars aligned and the hops were bitter enough, one of the lesser beers would be removed from the shelf and the new beer would take its place, forever basking in the glory of its achievement (or until the semester ended and they cashed in the bottles for the 10 cent deposits).  

Which leads us (finally) to today’s idea: a Facebook application where beer-drinkers could select and display all the different types of beer that they’ve tasted before. Once the user has selected a beer, a picture of the bottle would then be shown on the “canvas page” of the application. On the user’s main profile page, they could select up to 3 of their favorite beers to display to their friends. Of course, as users added beers to their pages, a notice would be broadcast to the user’s friends, which would help to virally spread the application throughout the social graph.

Money?  Ads.  Man, do I ever love Web 2.0.  🙂


3 responses to “Startup #111 – 99 Bottles of Beer

  1. I never really get into Facebook, but I would jump all over it for this.

  2. I was going to jump on this, but looks like it’s already been done twice:

    It’s a good idea, though. Keep ’em coming.

  3. Ahh, too bad. Although, as long as you didn’t directly rip off any of the Facebook apps, this might be a good one for MySpace.

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