Brainstorming the MyBlogLog API Possibilities

For today’s post, I’m going to try something a little different.  Instead of boring you guys with another one of my ideas, I’d like to get some comments from all of you ridiculously smart readers out there to see if we can brainstorm around an interesting new API. 

The basic premise is that the MyBlogLog team is working on an API that will allow users to pull information from users who have signed up for MyBlogLog (the same algorithms and cookies that is powering the cool MyBlogLog widget you see on this page).  Marshall Kirkpatrick over at Read Write Web has a great article exploring some of the possibilities, but what specifically would you use it for?  Let’s start posting comments below and see if together we can brainstorm something cool.  And if anything comes out of it, I’ll piece together the thread into a real post at a later date. 


One response to “Brainstorming the MyBlogLog API Possibilities

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