Startup #112 – Printable Pocket Translator

eifeltowerWe’re going to Europe in August.  It’s my first time there (besides a short trip to Greece) and should definitely be a good time.  The other day we were looking for translation books so I could attempt to amuse the locals with my Midwestern-twanged French, Italian, Czech, German, etc..

The problem is, nothing really met our needs.  Even the smaller books were too bulky to carry around in my pocket all day, and the pocket-sized 3-4 pagers were pretty expensive. I figured I could save money and just print something from the Internet, but there didn’t seem to be any existing sites that offered a single-page printable guide for multiple languages. Which for me = one more day I can keep this blog alive.  🙂

My idea is a site that allows users to display and print out pocket-sized translations of the most useful words and phrases travelers need to get by in foreign countries. The site would rely on users to create the translations, and users could earn a portion of the advertising revenues that the site would generate. Over time, the site could expand a bit to feature single-page pocket guides to restaurants, hotels, popular sights, etc..

The site would generate revenues through advertising and affiliate links to traveler-related items (guide books, travel accessories, etc..). Also, local companies could pay to have their ads printed out next to the translations, or for a small fee, users could choose to purchase ad-free versions of the translations.


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