Startup #114 – Life Improvement Tool

Before I get to today’s idea, there was a little blip on the blogosphere Friday that I think is going to turn out to be much bigger than anyone realizes.  Facebook apps that can run outside of Facebook?  I love it.

On a completely unrelated note, my idea today is a site where you can enter a percentage breakdown of all of your daily activities (mundane or otherwise), and get a personalized list of ways to make improvements.  This one is a little hard to explain, but I’ll give it a shot.  Here’s a sample breakdown of an average day for me:

  • 8 hours – Sleeping
  • 1 hour – Hygene stuff (shower, brush teeth, etc..)
  • 1.5 hours – Commute time
  • 8 hours – Working at office
  • 1 hour – Eating
  • 30 minutes – Cleaning, chores
  • 30 minutes – Cooking
  • 4 hours – Relaxing with the wife

I’m probably missing a few hours in there, but that’s the main idea.  I could go to the site, tag activities and times, and I would get back a prioritized list of things I can do to help improve my life.  For example, since I spend the most time sleeping, I would get several user-submitted and ranked articles on how to get a better night’s sleep, a few top-rated products that can be used to enhance sleep (pillows, herbal supplements, etc..), and some tips by several community members who have high authority rankings.  I could also compare how much time I spend sleeping to the average of the community or for my demographic (18-35 males from the US) and see my percentile rank.  Over time I could also submit my own articles, give my own tips, or vote on other user-generated content.

My little life improvement tip for the day?  Spend $7 on a Crest Spinbrush – freakin’ sweet.

2 responses to “Startup #114 – Life Improvement Tool

  1. The emergent task timer, pretty good for what you’re describing above.

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