Startup #116 – My Retirement Day

I’m watching “The Constant” episode of Lost.  For the third time.  This time through I caught that the call numbers on the back of the helicopter are 842.  Obsession?  Yeah, maybe just a bit…

Anyway, today’s idea is a retirement planning site with a bit of a twist.  Most retirement calculators ask for some basic information about your current salary, savings, and expected retirement income to provide a rough estimate of when you might be able to retire.  My idea takes this a bit further – you have the option to enter in your exact details for your salary, 401(k), IRA, etc., and also your target retirement income.  The site would crunch the numbers and give you an exact date that you would be able to retire.  

Over time, you could update your numbers to get a new retirement date.  Also, the site would provide suggestions to move your retirement date forward.  For example, by converting to a new CD or switching to a lower-rate credit card, you could change your retirement date from May 2nd, 2029 to November 18th, 2028.  By making your retirement more concrete, it would encourage people to be more pragmatic with their retirement choices. 

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