Google Stole My Idea!

blackgoogle.jpgLast year I posted an idea called “Screen Save the Planet” and made up some stats about how if Google changed their homepage background from white to black, it would save something like 40 trillion gallons of oil or something like that.  Well, looks like someone at the big G is finally listening to me – check out Google’s all-black homepage today!  It’s in support of “Earth Hour“, which encourages everyone to turn off your lights tonight for one hour.

 Of course, the irony of this whole thing (which an astute reader pointed out in the comments of my original post) is that modern computer screens use the same amount of energy regardless of the background color.  Still, it’s a great cause, and big props to Google for using their enormous influence to draw attention to a worthy cause.


One response to “Google Stole My Idea!

  1. just gonna throw this out there. has been doing this for a much longer time.

    and older businesses that still use CRT monitors will save energy, so there is at least some good to come from the idea.

    note: i have nothing to do with blackle… just felt like adding my 2 cents

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