Y Combinator Challenge #20 – Shopping Guides

For more information about the Y Combinator Challenge, check out this post first.

20. Shopping guides. Like news, shopping used to be constrained by geography. You went to your local store and chose from what they had. Now the space of possibilities is bewilderingly large, and people need help navigating it. If you already know what you want, Bountii can find you the best price. But how do you decide what you want? Hint: One answer is related to number 3.

My Idea – WWJB (What Would J-Lo Buy)

Editor’s note: Since it’s such a beautiful day here in Seattle, I’ve asked Courtennay Marie Smith, a high-school junior and guest writer for several popular teen magazines (including Teen Dream, Teen Scream, and Non-Threatening Boys), to write up today’s idea on my behalf.  Enjoy!

Oh.  My.  Gawd.  When Kevin told me about today’s idea, I almost wet myself in excitement!  Or as Brit and I like to say, ‘I almost Fergied‘ – LOL!  This idea is so huge, it’s bigger than Ruben Studdard.  It would be so addictive, Lindsay Lohan would crush it into a powder and sniff it (sorry, girl – you know I’m just playin’!  LOL!).  It would be as big a secret as Miley and Nick – in other words, like, it wouldn’t be a secret at all and everyone would know about it and be talking about it!  (It was sooooo obvious, you two!!! *smiley*) 

OK, so enough with the red carpet pre-show here, right?  Here’s the 411 – it’s a site where users could check out photos of their fav celebs and…wait for it…buy the clothes and accessories that they are wearing!!!!!!11ONE  And there’d be this totally underground nickname for it – WWJB, which stands for What Would J-Lo Buy?  Get it?!?  Of course, I don’t know if I would be caught dead wearing anything from J-Lo’s closet, she’s like sooooo 2007.  Anywho – here’s some boring “features” that Kevin wanted me to talk about (*hitting the snooze button* LOL!):

  • Users would upload photos of their favorite celebrities, and create hot-spots on the image that highlighted a piece of clothing or an accessory [CMS – like that time I tagged that photo of my bff Brittenniey on Facebook, only she got busted ’cause she was at a party but had called in sick and Hollister fired her!  Sorry, girl. *frownie*]
  • After creating a tag on the image, the user could search against an affiliate database of products to find the item the celeb is wearing (added bonus – tie into visual search technology from Pixsta or Like.com.)  Once the product is associated with the tag, the user could add more tags or post their tagged photo to the site.
  • From the front end, users who are interested in checking out celebrity photos can browse through the site, click on any wardrobe item that they like, and get a direct link to purchase that item.  Users could search for specific celebrities, or just browse through the newest and/or most popular tagged photos on the site.
  • Here’s where it gets interesting – if a user posts a photo, they would get a cut of any affiliate revenue created from users who click-through and purchase items.  This gives an incentive for users to upload and tag more photos, and also be more accurate when associating a product with a tag.
  • Users would also be able to install a simple plug-in that would allow them to tag or view tags on photos posted on popular celebrity sites or blogs.  Added bonus – celebrity site owners could tag their photos directly, so user’s wouldn’t need a special plug-in to see the tags.  This would be a great way to monetize their sites while providing value back to their audience.

Wow – databases, plug-ins…that was as boring as Mr. Gordstein’s (more like Bored-stein, right Brit?  LOL!) 4th period trig, only without being able to stare at the back of Braendon Fischer’s head – sigh. *floats* 

Aight – I’m outtie.  Peace!  And don’t forget to save the earth.

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