And Finally…Y Combinator Challenge #30 – Startups for Startups

For more information about the Y Combinator Challenge, check out this post first.  

30. Startups for startups. The increasing number of startups is itself an opportunity for startups. We’re one; TechCrunch is another. What other new things can you do?

Short description.  Even Paul was starting to lose steam at this point.  🙂

Since today is the final day of the challenge, let’s start with a story about another famous last day.  On Bill Gate’s last day at Microsoft, there was a town-hall style meeting where employees could ask him questions.  One of the questions was around how he and Steve Ballmer first met.  The story went something like this: 

During his freshman year, Gates was introduced to Ballmer by a friend.  Together, they went to the movies and watched a double-feature of “Singing in the Rain” and “A Clockwork Orange.”  On the way back to the dorm, they were dancing around like Gene Kelly from the movie, and some random guy came up and threw Steve to the ground.  Bill then stepped in and fought off the other student.

In other words, the most successful technology partnership in history started from what was basically a date.

My Idea – DevDate or HaxorsHookups

My idea is a twist on a typical dating site.  But instead of searching for your romantic soulmate, this site is focused on bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs who are looking to form a business partnership.  If you think about it, the basic site components wouldn’t be that different.  Users would fill out a profile about themselves and the type of business partner that they are looking for.  The system would then display a list of potential matches, and you could send messages to the people who might be a good match.

Also, instead of the focus being on the profile picture, users could post screenshots of previous projects that they’ve worked on.  You could even have a feature called (ready for this?) ScreensHot-or-Not, where you could rank screenshots submitted by other users or post yours to find out how it rates.

Any thoughts on this one?  As always, post ’em if you’ve got ’em. 


One response to “And Finally…Y Combinator Challenge #30 – Startups for Startups

  1. This post is kind of funny cause I actually had a similar idea for business style dating site. If a person ever does build such a thing. I think it would be quite funny. You could take it a step further and have a group business dating site.


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