A Quick Update

Lots of stuff going on – here are the two biggies:

Blogging on Seattle 2.0

About two weeks ago I was asked by Marcelo Calbucci (founder of Sampa.com) if I’d like to join his team on the Seattle 2.0 site to blog about new Seattle startups.  Ummmm…are you kidding?!?  I’ve been a Marcelo fan for a while and was ridiculously honored that he asked me to participate.  My first post is already up and I’ve got another one that should be up shortly.  Even if you’re not from Seattle, I’d recommend checking it out.  Besides my drivel, there are some great writers on the team and lots of good general advice has already been posted.

Working on my side project

As I mentioned a few posts back, I decided to take one of the ideas from the YC Challenge and code up a prototype of it, just for fun.  In the comments, Toby asked if I’d mention which idea I picked.  Originally I was going to wait until after the prototype was done before I mentioned it, but then Toby had to go and compliment my “A Startup A Week” video and, what the heck, I might as well give out a little info.  After thinking about it a bit, I actually didn’t go with any of the top five ideas I mentioned in the final post.  Instead, I went out on a limb a bit and decided to code up something similar to the “Search4Change” idea.

Why?  For one, it’s pretty easy to get off the ground – in fact, I have a semi-working demo out in the cloud somewhere (still way-too-much under construction to throw out a link, though…at least on this post…).  But the other reason is that I hit upon a new twist to that original concept that I actually kind of liked.  So I’m giving it a shot.  Hopefully I can still hit my self-imposed deadline of Halloween – wish me luck!

And of course, I’ve still got my full-time job that’s keeping me pretty busy right now.  We’re on track to release an updated version of the site in two weeks and hard at work coming up with a new approach to getting even more info and benefits and stuff to small dev shops around the world that are working off the MS stack.  Any requests?  🙂

Enough blogging – back to the code. 


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