Startup #153 – 15/20

sample1520Since Christmas is just around the corner, I’m on a bit of a game kick lately.  And since apparently it’s now OK for us Microsofties to mention the “i” word in a public forum, I’ve got some iPhone app ideas built up.  Combine the two, and you get today’s startup idea (including this hastily thrown together interface mock-up!)

Today’s idea is a mobile version of a drinking game that is popular in Asia called “sap um, yee sap”, or we Gringos like to say, 15/20.  Watching the game in action, it’s pretty hard to make sense of it, but in theory it’s pretty easy to learn.  It’s a two-person game similar to rock, paper, scissors.  One player yells out a number (either 0, 5, 10, 15, or 20) and each player chooses a hand position: either both hands closed, both hands open, or one open and one closed.  The total of all fingers that are shown is added up; if the number the player yelled out is the same number as the sum of the fingers, the player who guessed the number wins the round.  If not, the other player gets to pick the number for the next round.  Win two rounds in a row, and you get a point.

Still don’t get it?  Check out this tutorial from “Three Sheets – Singapore” that describes it in detail.  The mobile version could have some bells and whistles, but mostly would follow the same basic game play as the original game.

One response to “Startup #153 – 15/20

  1. winter time == gaming time 😉

    Both ideas (#152 & #153) seem like they would work best in a mobile/social network combination. Especially 15/20 is probably a lot more fun to play with people you know than strangers (Or at least people you can see a profile pic of). You didn’t go that much into detail about the app itself though. I can see it more as an asynchronous FB app, where a round is completed once both players chose their number than as an iPhone app.

    Btw how is your Bridechilla store doing?

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