Startup #156 – Internetting


I think I invented a new word.  Anyone else use this one?

Internetting [in-ter-net-ting]

– verb

1. The act of aimless surfing the Internet with no discernable goals or motives.  Example: “I just wasted the past two hours Internetting and still have one more hour of Internetting to go.”

The funny thing about my Internetting habits is how remarkably staid and (no offense to Zuck, Mike A, Gabe, or YC News) boring they are.  Also, looking back over the last 155 startup ideas I’ve had, it’s remarkable how functional most of the ideas are.  Yet looking back over the same period of time at how I actually use the Intertubes on a daily basis, the vast majority of the time it’s for entertainment purposes.  So for today’s idea, I turned the fun dial up to 11.  I boarded a fast train to hilarityville.  I took a…oh, never mind, here’s the idea…

My idea is a video site that consists of a continuous stream of 30-60 second YouTube clips that are overlaid with user-submitted comments.  Or, in other words, it’s like taking failblog, icanhascheezburger, or else anything Pet Holdings inc does and applying the concept to video. 

Ideally the comedy would be similar to MST3K or this YouTube parody of Full House called “Fuller House” (which is genius, btw).  Users could use a tool on the site to overlay comments on their chosen YouTube videos and submit them to either an editor or the community of users for voting.  The best videos are stitched together into a video stream that is shown to users when they first enter the site. 

Revenues are pretty straightforward – along with standard banners and contextual ads, a Hulu-like model of showing a 30 second ad every 10 minutes may work well. 

Maybe I have a weird sense of humor, but my feeling is that people would come up with some pretty funny stuff.  What do you guys think about this one?


One response to “Startup #156 – Internetting

  1. I think this would be very fun. You could have live voting for the next video. I think there was a streaming radio station that did something like that at one point. I also really like the free-for-all MST3K idea.

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