Startup #157 – BeautyBags

Last month I saw an epic presentation by Bryan Starbuck, founder of a local startup called TalentSpring.  You seriously should stop reading my ramblings and go check out his presentation right now.  The Gist of his talk was what he called the “10x” theory – find a 10x solution to a 10x problem, where 10x is a problem that is ten times bigger than the average problem, and your solution is ten times bigger than the current solutions to that problem. 

Ever since, I’ve been on the lookout for problems.  Yesterday I found a good one come through on Twitter from the always entertaining Marina Martin, a local blogger and productivity expert:


So yeah, today’s idea is a subscription service to get beauty/skincare samples in the mail every month.  If you swing by the MAC counter at Nordstrom at the right time of the year, they’ll hook you up with a goodie bag full of decent-sized samples along with a free beauty consult to find the right colors, styles, etc.. (ahh, the things you learn when you get married).  This idea just extends the concept to the Interwebs. 

Along with having a centralized site that sends out a sample bag each month, the service could be syndicated to fashion/makeup-related social networks, online makeup retailers, and other beauty-related sites.  These sites could use the sample bag as a way to bring in new customers or encourage existing users to upgrade to pay accounts.  Besides the subscription fees, beauty companies can pay to provide direct mail marketing materials as inserts within the sample bags.

Thanks to Marina for giving my brain a night off!  Any thoughts on this one?  Post ‘em in the comments below.


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