Game Week Idea #3 – Obama Is Ninja


Today’s game idea comes from an epic Obama action figure I saw on Gizmodo the other day.  It’s an awesome-packed combo the likes of which the world has never seen.  President Obama.  As a ninja.

Are you kidding me?  Can you imagine how sweet that game would be?  You would play as President Obama during the day, but as soon as darkness falls you can slip into the Oval Office bathroom, don your ninja gear, and slip past the secret service agents to kick some serious worldwide ass – ninja style!  The game would consist of a series of GTA-style missions, such as:

  • Rushin’ the Russian – Ninjobama would need to stealthily sneak past Vladimir Putin’s guards to find the right guest bedroom in the White House where Putin is sleeping.  The mission is accomplished by slipping a laxative into Putin’s bedside glass of vodka, thus preventing him from casting a critical un-American vote at the next day’s top secret UN meeting.
  • Oh No She Didn’t – Ninjobama’s sources caught wind of Hilary Clinton’s secret plan to send Obama’s limo to the wrong address so she could swoop in and deliver the State of the Union address herself.  The mission: defeat a throng of guards and release a group of hot female interns that Hilary is keeping in cages under the capitol building, and leading them across town to Bill’s office.

Anyway, you get the idea.  Even if you couldn’t get to that level of detail, just putting the Obama-as-a-Ninja concept into the Xbox community games store would definitely get some great buzz and attention.

One response to “Game Week Idea #3 – Obama Is Ninja

  1. Brilliant! I would love that game!

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