5 (New!) Ideas for Startup Weekend

Wow. I can’t believe that the last real idea post on this blog was five ideas for Startup Weekend that happened back in February! I’ve been throwing out little 140 character micro-ideas for a while (shameless plug: follow me! @astartupaday), but nothing with substance. So, in honor of the big event tomorrow, I’m going to go old-school up in here and throw out a few ideas to inspire all y’all startup weekend junkies.

Idea #1 – Social Media Certification

Problem: It seems like nowadays everyone is a self-proclaimed social media expert. How can you tell the difference between true social media experts and all the wannabees out there?

Solution: A site that allows users to take a validated, standardized test to determine the true depth of their social media knowledge. The test would be free, and users could post a badge on their site showing off their achievements. For a small fee, users who pass the test can order framed certificates or plaques to display in their office.

Idea #2 – FaceMeme

Problem: As more and more user-generated content is created via social networks, the amount of information becomes overwhelming.  Better filters are needed to pull out the best, most relevant information.

Solution: Create a site that pulls out the most popular links from all users who have set their Facebook profiles to “public”, and also allow users to log in to see the top links from their friends.  This site would be similar to TechMeme or TwitMeme, but for Facebook status updates.  Note: although most users have their profiles set to private now, as Facebook opens up more this app would be in a good opportunity to capitalize on the flood of data that will eventually be available from the Facebook public stream.

Idea #3 – Call 2 Compare

Problem:When people are out shopping for big-ticket items at brick-and-mortar stores, it is difficult to know if you are getting the best price or not.

Solution:Using the awesome Twilio service, build an app that allows users to call a phone number, enter the UPC code using your keypad, and hear a list of the best prices for that item. 

Idea #4 – Party Starter

Problem: You’re hanging out at a party where you don’t know anyone and are having a hard time making conversation with strangers

Solution: A mobile app that provides conversation starters, jokes, and other nuggets to make you the life of the party.

Idea #5 – Raising John Stamos

Problem: The problem is that this app needs to be made!  I pitched it at the last Startup Weekend, but it didn’t get enough interest.  Sooner or later…this will get made.  🙂

Solution: It’s a mobile app that follows the basic format as the Tamagotchi or (fluff)Friends virtual pet – but with a twist. 

Instead of raising a cute little fuzzy animal, you would instead start off with an egg that hatches into a baby John Stamos.  Your job is to nurture your little Stamos from a fussy little baby into an international superstar.  Along the way, your Stamos would evolve from being an out-of-work waiter to landing his first TV commercial to getting cast in a pilot to becoming the uncle we all wished we had, Uncle Jessie in Full House.  

So which idea should I pitch on Friday?  Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

8 responses to “5 (New!) Ideas for Startup Weekend

  1. A detail for #4: it could use the online content to tie in with the latest events in various areas. “Have you heard that Brangelina is going for another baby?” This way you could seem like an expert in whatever field the person you want to start the conversation with is interested.

  2. Berislav – great idea, love it!

  3. Thanks for thinking of Twilio in idea #3 – that sounds really useful… if you do end up coding it up I’d love to give it a try. I’ll have to keep it in mind for future startup weekend events. This time around I used the Twilio API to build Escape My Date for startup weekend SF: http://www.escapemydate.com

    Hope to see you around soon!

  4. Idea 3 has already been done , If I remember right its a google phone and you just use the camera to scan the barcode with the same results , with out being in a phone call.

    I like idea 2 the best as it encourages the usefulness of social media, rather then identifying who to tar and feather. Don’t think I would look good in feathers.

    Idea 1 has potential but for different reasons then stated above. As a hardware guy my self, The “badges” would serve to identify who could be a potential mentor of sorts. To fully grasp where I am going with this , think the #twatch. A nice little piece of hardware that with the right code will watch twitter and display info on an lcd. Although the inspiration for the idea is to tar and feather me, in the end it would serve social networking. Pairing people, bringing us more cool devices.

  5. Why would you want to provide a free certification test? Like any certificate, it is supposed to prove the quality of the services provide, which in turn would result in higher revenues. So it becomes a tool for people to make more money at your expense.

    • Though overall I like this idea. It’ll be a great way to separate the wannabees from the real professionals. Also, No. 4 is interesting and useful. It can be one of those successful $0.99 apps.

      • Still think your thinking about this all wrong. The power in social media is the ability to tap untapped insight , ideas, etc. To make connections. Take the current DARPA challenge which should exercise this power. http://j.mp/2mRJsk

        The professionals ARE identified by the non-free certs mentioned in your first reply. If your professional then your making money and should have those certs to prove your status.

        The benefit of the idea is to provide a method for clearly quantifying the skill set of the non professionals (the self taught) who cannot throw around an impressive job title or degree to substantiate their abilities .

        To provide yet one more way to identify and network individuals who can , over vast distances work together and accomplish much more then was previously possible. Much like the DARPA challenge is trying to quantify the efficiency of such a network to solve problems.

        You might make it to tar and feather the “wannabee” but indeed that is not the real power of the idea.

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