A Startup A Day 2.0


I wanted to post a nice Web 2.0 Halloween pic today, maybe a Fail Whale carved into a pumpkin or two people dressed up as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as conjoined twins.  But I just couldn’t find the right one, so I went with the old timey witch instead. If you know of a good one, shoot me a link in the comments.

Speaking of, have you seen the “GuyPhone” costumes?  Nice.

Yesterday I officially announced my return to blogging (thanks for the nice reception, btw – it’s on track to be my most viewed post ever!) and today I wanted to follow up with a quick meta-post about what I have planned for the new and (hopefully) improved ASAD.

First, I’m still going to pack in as many run-on sentences as humanly possible.

Second, I’m really going to try hard to stick to a more regular posting schedule.  I purposefully picked the name “A Startup A Day” for a reason – to put myself on the hook to post on a daily basis.  While life may interfere on occasion, I’m shooting to post every Monday – Thursday, set to auto-publish at noon.

Third, I’m going to alter the content a bit.  Historically, I’ve been pretty strict about only posting startup ideas, no commentary, navel-gazing, or other fluffy stuff like that.  The majority of posts will still be ideas, but I’ll probably put up a few essays or other thoughts from time to time.  Hopefully it will liven up the blog a bit, both for you and (more importantly) for me. 

And finally, the ideas themselves.  This economic shake-down has led a lot of people to rethink the old model of building a web-based startup, where “old model” =

1) Build a website

2) …

3) Profit!

Previously, a lot of my ideas were something that sounded vaguely cool or useful, with a business model duct-taped on as an afterthought.  Instead, I’ll be trying out a new ideation process of starting with the business model, and building the idea around it.

Oh yeah, and one last thing.  In the nearly three years since I’ve had this site, I’ve always resisted plastering my site with ads or anything like that.  No offense to anyone who runs ads, but I just fell it makes non-commercial sites like this feel kinda tacky, and my readership is so small that it’s just not worth it.  But, more for the sake of experimentation than anything else, I might start playing around with some tasteful ways of monetization.  I’ve got a few ideas, but if you’ve seen something work well for a small hobby blog like this, please let me know.

I’m pretty excited to start this thing back up again, and I sincerely hope you like the new approach.  Feedback is always, always, always welcome – post ‘em if you’ve got ‘em.


4 responses to “A Startup A Day 2.0

  1. Hi Kevin,
    glad to see you’re back to blogging! I still have this blog as a subscription in Google Reader and was positively surprised to see a new blog post show up!

    I definitely think that discussing more of the monetization possibilities of different startup ideas will be helpful.

    Speaking of which: What I think could work on this blog is book reviews for startup related books and maybe then try to earn a couple of bucks via the Amazon affiliate program. Like Jeff Atwood does with his “Recommended Reading” section.

    • I added in a link to one of my favorite marketing books on Amazon (Made to Stick), along a with a link to my stock photo gallery. Thanks again for the idea!

  2. Just found your website today! I’m glad I did! Anxious to see your posts and comments on monetization!

  3. Hi Toby – good to hear from you again! I love that idea, it’s subtle and I read a lot of startup- and business-related books, so I can give some real recommendations.

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