Five Ideas for Turkey Day


Ever since my great-grandparents sailed across the Pacific in 1492 and landed at Plymouth Rock to teach the Native Americas the proper way to carve a turkey and watch football, it’s been a time-honored tradition in my family for the most athletically-challenged first-born male of the household to kick off the holiday season with a cornucopia of Web 2.0 startup ideas.

OK, I made most of that up.  Except for the ideas part.  And the athletically-challenged part.  Here are the ideas.

1. Martha Stewart (De)liv(er)ing

I’m in charge of the Thanksgiving feast this year, and I’ve spent a good 5-6 hours so far looking up recipes online (Martha Stewart actually does have some great T-day stuff), making a list of all the ingredients, and driving from store to store to do all the grocery shopping.  Amazon Fresh just started grocery delivery service in Seattle, so why combine the two and make a web site that pulls in popular Thanksgiving recipes, gives you an option to choose the ones you want to make, and then creates an Amazon Fresh list with all the necessary ingredients.  You could remove any items you already have, and then with one click you could have everything delivered right to your door.

It’s a good thing.

2. Farmville: This Time, It’s Real

Farmville:This Time, It’s Real is a twist on the popular Farmville Facebook game.  However, instead of having a completely virtual farm, the game would hook up with real-life turkey farmers and link each in-game turkey to a live turkey on their farm.  Users would purchase their turkey in the spring, and through the online interface they could remotely feed, water, and care for the turkey.  Once Thanksgiving rolls around, the turkey would be butchered and shipped to the player to be used for their Thanksgiving dinner. 

And before you dismiss this one as my usual too-far-out-there ideas, you might want to check this out.

3. Persecutr

With all the shopping and chaos and gluttony that our modern Thanksgiving brings, it’s important to remember the true historical spirit of this holiday.  To help people experience the same religious persecution that sent the original Pilgrims to America, allows users to enter their religious beliefs, and then watch a 3-hour streaming video of an angry English guy berating you and your religion.  Fun for the whole family!

Bonus: monetization tip – insert 30-second commercials into the video stream, Hulu-style!

4. iTurkey

This mobile app has everything you need to cook the perfect turkey.  Just enter in the weight of the turkey, pop the turkey into the oven, and hit go.  The iTurkey app displays a timer to count down the proper cooking time, with reminders when it’s time for basting.  The app could also display tips around stuffing the turkey, seasoning the outside (my method: cook some bacon until it’s crispy, brush the bacon grease over the turkey, and rub on chopped bacon, salt, pepper, rosemary, and sage), and carving techniques.

5. Tom’s Revenge

Check out this premise for a video game.  It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and Tom, a hand-traced turkey cut out of construction paper for a class project, is unceremoniously thrown away to make room for the Christmas decorations.  Tom decides to take revenge, and using weapons such as a turkey baster flamethrower and cornucopia bazooka that fires gourds, Tom roams the neighborhood taking down any Christmas decorations in his path. 

You play as Tom, battling against classic Christmas foes such as the Nutcracker Army, Frosty the Killman, and the dreaded Fruitcake of Death.  Along the way, search through trash cans to find other discarded Thanksgiving decorations to power up your weapon in preparation for the final showdown with…yes, you guessed it.  The Festivus pole.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I’ll be back with more ideas after the long weekend, follow me on Twitter at @astartupaday for updates on my latest postings.


One response to “Five Ideas for Turkey Day

  1. hmm. I like #1 and #4. Is there such a thing as a Bluetooth cooking thermometer? That would be a killer app. #1 seems inevitable, and a great candidate for angel investment from Amazon.

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