Monthly Archives: October 2007

Startup #89 – Greenr

kermitIt’s not easy being green.  I carpool to work, wash out my milk cartons, and I made a solemn pact to cut back on my baby seal clubbing.  It’s a start, but I need more than Al Gore on a forklift to guide me to environmental salvation. 

Today’s site is a fun way to track and improve your tree-hugging habits.  Greenr allows users to get a checklist of earth friendly tasks.  You select the ones that you are already doing, and provides suggestions of additional things you can do to win some points with Mother Earth.  Literally.  Each task has a point value assigned to it.  For instance, “Carpool to work” might be worth 3 points, while “Bike to work” might be worth 10 points.

As users get greener and check off the items, they are able to track their progress and compare their scores with their friends.  However, instead of just displaying a simple point total, the site could display scores in innovative ways.  For example, instead of “You have 55 points”, the site could display “Your habits are saving 15 barrels of oil each year” or “Your arms have grown long enough to hug 39 trees”.  And, of course, this could easily be done as a Facebook app.

Wedding stuff is over, work is settling down a bit, and only 11 more ideas to go until 100!  Looking forward to getting back on the blogging wagon.