Monthly Archives: December 2009

Video Genome Project


What do the following online videos all have in common?

  1. Chad Vader
  2. Ask a Ninja
  3. Fuller House

Besides the fact that they star three people who have never been in my kitchen, they are also three of my favorite online videos.  I never really thought much about it, but if I really think hard about it, here are a few common traits:

  • Irreverent humor
  • Strong pop culture references
  • Shorter than 5 minutes but longer than 30 seconds
  • Have a bit of a geeky vibe to them


About ten years ago, a group of researchers started the Music Genome Project in an attempt to find similarities across a wide range of songs, which eventually grew into the Pandora personalized music service.  Today’s idea is to use that same basic technique on online videos to build a Video Genome Project, and eventually a personalized streaming video service similar to Pandora. 

What’s nice about this idea is that there is already a very solid blueprint in place outlining exactly how to build something like this, what the monetization options are, how to market it – just follow the same path as the MGP/Pandora team.

I’m very big on the idea that the Internets and TV are on a fast convergence path, and Internets-based, lean-back experiences like this have a ton of potential.  Instead of focusing on simply aggregating content like the countless other online video sites, by focusing on the backend and building a unique and valuable data set, this service would be in a great position to deliver a ton of value powering personalized streaming video sites right around the time that TV/Internets convergence goes mainstream.

What do you guys think about this one?  To stay up-to-date on my latest ideas, you can follow me on Twitter: @astartupaday