Startup #51 – Tickle Me Emo

lolcatsicons_small1.jpgI don’t even need to really describe this idea, the lolcats on the left say it all. 

OK, maybe a little explanation is in order.  Humans have a ridiculously advanced ability to visually perceive emotions. For example, think of the cognitive horsepower that’s involved when looking at the lolcats emoticon picture.  Surprise, laughter, happiness, and fear – all expressed through both cat faces and characters.  Pretty amazing if you’re dorky enough to stop and think about it.  It’s not just visual, we also have an incredible ability to connect emotions to music.  And yet, we still have a difficult time putting our exact emotions into words. 

That’s where today’s idea comes into play.  It’s a Pandora-like site that ties together pictures and music based on emotion.  Here’s how it works.  While users are listening to music, they are shown a running slide show of various pictures.  As the pictures scroll by, users choose the pictures that have the same emotional impact as the song they are listening to.  If a user sees a picture that fits the mood that they are in, they would be able to choose more music that matches that picture.

Got a good idea for  Write it up, send it to me (kleneway_AT, and you could be a winner! 

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