Startup #31 – Things That Look Like Stuff

grilledcheese.jpgPicture this.  You’re just minding your bidness, frying up some cheese-filled sandwiches, and BAM!  The Virgin Mary’s like all up in your grill!  You’ve got to tell someone, but neither the Pope nor the National Inquirer are returning your calls.  No worries, now you’ve got a place to share this miraculous event with the world.

 The site is, a collection of everyday objects that just happen to look like something else.  Users can upload photos and other people can vote on their favorites.  Maybe it’s a cloud that looks like a Luck Dragon, a birthmark that only Steve Jobs could love, or a tator tot that bears a slight resemblence to Kip.

What do you guys think?  Heard of any good things that look like stuff that I can add as examples?  “…all up in your grillED CHEESE!” (sorry, had to work that in)


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