Startup #32 – Is It [insert blank here]?


OK, so here’s an idea I’ve had for a loooooong time: a site where you go to see if the flag is currently being flown at half mast or not.  Come on!  There are hundreds of thousands of flags being flown across the country, which means there are hundreds of thousands of people who need to keep track of the exact half-mast status every single day.

Yes, that idea sucks, it’s way too specific.  But today I had a breakthrough!  It’s a site called where you can get simple answers to all kinds of simple yes/no questions.  For example, if you need to determine if the flag is at half mast, you would go to and the page would display a single word, yes or no, depending on the status for the day.  Not details about the flag, or reasons why it is at half-mast.  Just a single word in a very big font.  This could be applied to lots of different situations, such as…

  • Is it Leap Year?
  • Is it Columbus Day?
  • Is it a New Episode of Lost This Week?
  • Is it Raining in Seattle?
  • Is it a Home Yankees Game?

How would these sub domains stay up-to-date?  Newsvine style!  Individual users could own various domains and would be responsible for keeping it updated.  Quality control measures could be implemented to ensure the data is accurate (i.e. a checkbox for “Flag this domain as incorrect for the day”). 

Want to hear a killer set of music?  Go here:  Set the date to 4/20, and the time to 8:11 am.  I heart KEXP!


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